Investment, Import and Export: Germany, New Zealand and Sri Lanka

Investment, Import and Export to and from Germany, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and other countries in the Asia-Pacific region like China or Singapore is growing at a breathtaking rate. Asia-Pacific is a thriving region with almost unlimited options. Many countries are attractive for investment, others for importing from or exporting into. In just a few years, the Asian-Pacific market will be the largest market in the world with approximately 3 billion people and multiple free trade zones. Existing trade just within that region is increasing at an extraordinary pace. With China, India and the ASEAN countries as its major players, smaller countries like Sri Lanka are easily overlooked despite being very attractive.

The Asia-Pacific region also is becoming more important for European businesses. At the same time, Asian-Pacific companies are rapidly expanding and are seeking entry into the German as well as the European markets. It is important to find reliable business relationships for all players in order to secure and increase e.g. supply, sales and market share.

PROBST ADVISORY has ties with a number of Asian-Pacific countries. Within the Asia-Pacific market, PROBST ADVISORY is focussing on selected countries like New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore and China where fantastic business opportunities exist.

Investment Germany Asia-Pacific

Germany, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Singapore, China

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Trading with Germany

Investors in Germany profit from many advantages. Germany has a large domestic market and tariff-free access to all countries of the European Union. Being one of the top economies Germany is one of the preferred regions for import, export and investment. Highly developed economic, political and judicial frameworks, a high productivity rate and the famous German quality provide the necessary security for doing business.

Germany New Zealand Business

PROBST ADVISORY helps investors from Germany to take advantage of opportunities in New Zealand as well as helps New Zealand businesses to export to Germany and Europe. The business relationship between Germany and New Zealand is strong and well-established.

Doing business with New Zealand offers opportunities in many ways, regardless of traditional business sectors (e.g. highly efficient agricultural sector) or new innovative areas (e.g. high-tech start-ups) and importing or exporting goods to or from New Zealand. Some of the areas where New Zealand is doing exceptionally well include information and communications technology, tourism, biotechnology, agricultural research and wood-based technology.

Forbes has ranked New Zealand as the third best country for business, thanks to a transparent and stable business climate that encourages entrepreneurship. During the difficult financial times in the world in the recent past, New Zealand’s economy performed very good.

Germany Sri Lanka trade and investment oppotunities

PROBST ADVISORY has special ties to Sri Lanka and the bilateral business between Germany and Sri Lanka. Apart from importing tea and spices from Sri Lanka or textile exports from Sri Lanka, this beautiful country has really a huge investment potential in many areas, especially in the tourism industry as well as the local infrastructure. Germany already is the biggest investor from the EU, however, the foreign direct investment from Germany to Sri Lanka compared with other major FDI investors of that region is very small. There are plenty of opportunities hidden to the German eye just waiting to be discovered and developed. With the construction of a new deepwater port right next to the main freight shipping line between Europe and Asia and other major developments underway, soon vigile investors from all over the world will come and want to have their share in the economic rise of Sri Lanka.

PROBST ADVISORY provides sound investment advice for entities wishing to do business in Sri Lanka in conjunction with our excellent and influencial partner network. Our outstanding alliance with our partners in Colombo gives PROBST ADVISORY the means to contribute significant added value which opens important doors and helps make the business a real success story.

Investment and Import & Export Opportunites. Germany, New Zealand, Sri Lanka

Trade and investment opportunites in Asia-Pacific region

Doing business with Singapore

Singapore is a great place to do business in. It has a very strong economy and is located ideally for international trade and business.

Trade between Singapore and Germany is constantly growing since many German companies have opened branches in Singapore. Singapore’s main advantages for investment are its status as a safe haven in Asia, its diversified economy, a developed and strong legal system and the free trade philosophy that makes business easy. This is why many companies use Singapore as their hub to do business with other ASEAN countries or even India and China. Singapore’s main sectors are financial services, tourism, shipping and pharmaceuticals. Lacking frequently encountered risks other countries in Asia face, like political instability, infrastructure deficits, environmental degradation, Singapore is a very attractive city.

China: Import and Export

China's growing importance to worldwide import and export is unparalleled. Over the last 30 years China has climbed up the economic development ladder at a breathtaking pace from nowhere to the top spot. This outstanding growth has led many German and other international companies to get onboard and take advantage of this development.

Investment, Import & Export Germany, Singapore, China

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