International and German Business Law

PROBST ADVISORY is a Berlin law firm situated in Berlin, Germany, advising on national and international business law matters for German and overseas companies (e.g. from the Asia-Pacific region). As a boutique law firm for German and international business law, PROBST ADVISORY provides companies not just with the required legal services but also with ongoing business advice on aspects of cross-border trade.

Apart from speaking the client’s language, first-hand knowledge of the client’s cultural background is one of the main reasons why clients rely on and trust PROBST ADVISORY in the field of international business law in Germany and abroad.

Business law and cross border trade

First-hand knowledge of law and culture

German companies

German companies are advised in a broad area in the commercial law field. Assisting German clients may range from purely national legal matters to helping expanding business activities overseas.

Companies from outside Germany

PROBST ADVISORY is the right choice for overseas companies doing business in Germany or with German partners, regardless of it being a small legal question or serving as the legal department or general counsel of the German branch.

Helping foreign companies in a broad variety of situations: From entering the German market or establishing a business in Germany to engaging in business relationships with German companies and legal aspects of cross-border trade up to acquiring German companies.

Investment in Germany

PROBST ADVISORY is a regular advisor to and cooperation partner with companies which are facilitating and enhancing business relationships between China and Germany. In particular this focuses on helping interested parties from overseas to find adequate investment opportunities in Germany.

German or overseas companies

Germany, Singapore, New Zealand, China, Sri Lanka, Florida

International business law

Sound advice

Safeguarding interests

Overview of legal expertise

You can take advantage of and resort to the expertise offered by the Berlin law firm PROBST ADVISORY. International business matters in the past have dealt with countries in the Asia-Pacific region and also inter alia Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, South Africa as well as Florida, USA. Whether it is negotiation of international sale of goods agreements with a New Zealand client, claim management in Singapore, Investment in Sri Lanka, joining a supplier finding mission to South Africa, dispute resolution with arbitration in Shenzhen, China or real estate matters and buying/selling property in Florida for German client adds to the experience. In brief, this is an overview of the legal expertise in the international business context:

Negotiation and drafting agreements and contracts and general terms and conditions

International sale of goods

Export and import regulations

Internet Law

Real estate

Intellectual property (trademarks)

Corporate law issues (establishing subsidiaries, branch offices or representative offices)

Foreign direct investment law

Alternative dispute resolution (e.g. by negotiation, mediation, arbitration proceedings)

Guidance in working with public authorities

Business facilitation

Market entry strategy

Business Partners

Excellent contacts allow the boutique law firm PROBST ADVISORY to serve as a one-stop-shop for your needs. With high quality external partner firms the best legal and business advice on international legal issues that may arise can be provided. Due to cooperation with selected partners legal advice in national or international business law meets high class standards of magic circle law firms.

Legal expertise with Germany, China, Singapore, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Florida, USA

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