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For overseas companies doing business in Germany or with German partners

For German companies doing business with international partners

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International business law

For all international business law matters. Advice for overseas companies on their legal and business matters in Germany and Europe as well as German companies when doing business in Germany and overseas.

Sound advice

Experienced and competent German attorney and advisor with a wealth of international experience. Delivering sound guidance in complex legal and business matters.

Safeguarding interests

Safeguarding your interests is important. Doing this in a constructive and respectful manner even more. This guarantees an ongoing business relationship with your partner and further deals in the future despite different opinions.

Area of expertise

Advisor in international business

PROBST ADVISORY is your competent advisor when it comes to getting results in international business. Get sound legal advice when entering or doing business in the German, European or Asian-Pacific market. PROBST ADVISORY's independence and contacts throughout the world provide objective and personal advice that gets results.

Business law

With our partners we provide you with a full stop professional service. Covering the bandwidth of the arising legal issues, our area of expertise in international business law lies in cross cultural negotiations, alternative dispute resolution (e.g. arbitration), commercial law as well as investment issues.

Companies from outside Germany

Companies doing business in Germany or with German partners profit from our Berlin law firm because we know the German law, market and the German way of thinking.

German companies

German companies can be advised in a broad area in the commercial law field. Frequent domestic issues are collecting debts or defending the client against unsubstantiated claims. In international matters negotiating the sale of goods and dispute resolution issues arise.

Contact or liaison partner

To make life easy for you, PROBST ADVISORY serves as your reliable and central contact or liaison partner in all questions regarding your business project. We take care of all the coordination and communication necessary with local business partners to make your business successful. As your central contact partner we oversee the project and serve as your guide. This is quick, easy and convenient for you.

Countries in focus

Covering the Asia-Pacific region, special focus lies on New Zealand, Singapore, China and Sri Lanka.

We bridge the gap between business partners from different cultures

Crucial and economic advantages

  • Full-service
  • Experience
  • Personal counsel
  • Trust
  • Protecting interests
  • Adding value
  • Result and target oriented
  • Cost effective

The Probst Advisory focus

The PROBST ADVISORY focus is to bridge the gap between partners from different cultures with a special focus on partners from Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

PROBST ADVISORY focus. PROBST ADVISORY helps you grow internationally and make existing business relationships stronger. PROBST ADVISORY offers expertise you need, especially when bridging the gap between partners from different cultures. This helps resolve the issues that arise in cross-border situations and contributes to the success of the project. Besides providing the necessary coordination, focusing on the matter at stake gets the desired results.

Smart negotiation. We have seen many times that the crucial point to success is not overcoming legal hurdles but people’s needs connected to the project. In international and cross cultural projects even more issues – mostly subtle and hardly visible – arise around the negotiation and make the negotiation really complex and challenging. It has been proven in the past many times that being able to overcome invisible hurdles using a smart negotiation approach is the real key to success.


  • Bridging cultural gap
  • Europe - Asia-Pacific region
  • Negotiating results
  • Using alternative dispute resolution methods
  • Keeping business relationship with international business partner fit for future deals despite contrary views

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